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Addiction, mental illness and disrespect in American culture

Yesterday,  Amy Winehouse died.  Her death was probably drug related since the singer suffered a long-term addiction to various substances – heroin, crack/cocaine, crystal meth and alcohol if I remember correctly.  But I’m too sad to Google it.  Not because I knew Amy and feel the grief of a lost loved one.  Rather, I’m sad about how our society views addiction and, similarly, mental illness. Continue reading Addiction, mental illness and disrespect in American culture

Dating While Bipolar: Internet dating is for lunatics

That’s it, folks, I’m quitting the Internet. Not for social media or interracial porn, but for dating.

Yes, I’ve said before that dating websites have given me all manner of losers along the spectra of social competency and appropriateness. However, on of my subscriptions auto-renewed before I could cancel it, so I decided to use the extra months to edit my profile and take some social chances. Hell, I’d paid for it, right?

Wrong. If someone ever uses the phrase “social chances” within earshot, scream and run. If you even think it at some desperate point in your existence, stick a sharp pencil into your ear in an attempt to scrub your brain of ill-fated ideas. Trust me, I know. Continue reading Dating While Bipolar: Internet dating is for lunatics

Dating While Bipolar: Is it deceptive not to disclose your disease?

So, I’ve been doing a fair amount of complaining about the men I’m dating, or trying to date, or seeking out for the express purpose of dating.  To be honest, I’m pretty excited about being healthy and rational and looking for a companion.  Yet a part of me is a little afraid about embarking on a [...]

Dating While Bipolar: Mr. Right could be inside this blog post!

Control, alt, humiliate…

Internet dating is all about the over-promise.  If all the online matchmaking companies told the truth, they’d broadcast all of the social rejects, losers, undesirables and just-plain-weirdos that show up on their sites, and they’d say “Here’s your last for mating, you desperate cow.”  By showing photo montages of happy couples, and promising [...]

Dating While Bipolar: ALWAYS judge a book by its cover

First the lesson:  We all must trust our instincts and stop giving people the benefit of the doubt all the time, at least when it comes to internet dating.  With an internet dating profile, people choose the photos and the words they use, and there are no family members or people from high school to call [...]