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Dating While Bipolar: Internet dating is for lunatics

That’s it, folks, I’m quitting the Internet. Not for social media or interracial porn, but for dating.

Yes, I’ve said before that dating websites have given me all manner of losers along the spectra of social competency and appropriateness. However, on of my subscriptions auto-renewed before I could cancel it, so I decided to use the extra months to edit my profile and take some social chances. Hell, I’d paid for it, right?

Wrong. If someone ever uses the phrase “social chances” within earshot, scream and run. If you even think it at some desperate point in your existence, stick a sharp pencil into your ear in an attempt to scrub your brain of ill-fated ideas. Trust me, I know. Continue reading Dating While Bipolar: Internet dating is for lunatics

Dating While Bipolar: I AM READY

OK, so my dreams of love don't usually involve a Corona, but still…

The other night, I had a bizarre dream.  I should elucidate:  I had a series of dreams stringing together bizarre circumstances with seemingly real interactions and people that I know.  My dreams are usually similar, featuring my coworkers, friends and family at places [...]