Bipolar in the Friend Zone: A Lesson in Patience

For the first time in a while, I find myself in the friend zone. You know, that place where you have romantic feelings for someone who doesn’t return them. I’ve decided to stay here for a while, but it’s testing my patience and possibly triggering my depression.

• • •

Dating and Mourning and Bipolar

The end of a relationship can feel very similar to the end of a life.  There’s grief, anger, guilt and varying degrees of sadness. Unfortunately this week I’m mourning both kinds of endings: a break-up, and the death of a potential suitor.  The feelings compounded by these two events are damaging to a mood that’s tenuous at best.

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Is it better to be optimistic or pessimistic in love?

Last week, a friend posted on Facebook about his 13-year-old son Joseph’s reaction to the most recent episode of Empire. Joseph was upset that Lucious cheated on Anika, and it wasn’t right for him to have hidden his true feelings for Cookie while still getting engaged to another woman.  The TV show reminded Joseph of his female friends, all of whom have been raised to expect that men will lie and that they need to protect themselves for when that happens in their relationships.  Joseph’s parents have raised him differently, to express his feelings and be honest and straightforward.  The boy confessed to feeling defenseless against girls who’ve been prepared to guard against male behavior.

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