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bipolar HAIKU

Running, all the thoughtsThrough my head.  AnxietyReigns. Then, fatigue.  Done.

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Things I just have to say about The #Oscars

I'm in Twitter jail, which is just wrong, but I still have many things to say about the last 5 minutes.  Here they are:

why was John Travolta wearing jeans?  If he wasn't wearing jeans, his pants need to put on a suit
commercial about Jamie Oliver's food revolution makes me want to put town my bowl [...]

Why Black folks don't like Twilight

The internet is all agog over vampires with the release of New Moon, the second movie release in Stephenie Meyer’s popular Twilight book series.  The film has broken box office records.  New Moon devotees have taken over social networking sites, declaring their allegiance for “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob,” the two males vying for the affections [...]

The complaint box is empty

I have a complaint: people complain too much.

Have you ever noticed that when we complain, its usually something that we can control. Okay, okay, I’m the first person to kvetch, so much so that the New York Times printed one of my rants. But I do it for the sake of humor, not because [...]

Honesty is good for the soul

And good for other people, too. Like Tyler Perry who talks candidly about the child abuse in his past, I want to talk about the things I’ve been through in the hopes that it will educate others.

Here’s Mr. Perry’s revelation on CNN:

My revelations are on the “What’s this blog about” page, and there are [...]