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Uninvited: How social media ruined my birthday

Put me out…I'm SOOO done!


The marketer in me loves social media tools and their ability to find segments of consumers ripe for the picking, er, for “targeted product messaging”.  As a blogger, I use Twitter, Facebook and associated techniques to publicize the crap I write to those most likely to care or laugh (i.e. my friends [...]

My Polar Opposite presents: a social media relationships primer

Apparently y’all are a bunch of punk-ass bitches.  Yeah, I said it.  According to a study released this week MoCoSpace and published by TechCrunch, 48% of you idiots have actually broken up with someone via text message.  Shame on you!  And shame on the set of doofises (is that even a word?) that went out with [...]

#BoycottSexism #BoycottGoDaddy

After watching last night’s Super Bowl advertising, I’m totally sick of sexism in advertising.  Specifically, I’m sick of Go Daddy‘s 5-year naked girl campaign.

This morning’s reports tout the “success” of Go Daddy commercials at driving website traffic and converting sales.  Apparently that the ads were  called “lowest of the low” by business experts makes CEO Bob [...]

Apple Store: cigarette not included

The other day, I decided to go to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan because I was looking for a few things (headphones, a laptop bag, anti-glare film and an armband for my iPhone.  You know, the usual).  This particular outlet is familiar to me, since I’d visited their Genius Bar for my iBook, [...]