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Uninvited: How social media ruined my birthday

Put me out…I'm SOOO done!


The marketer in me loves social media tools and their ability to find segments of consumers ripe for the picking, er, for “targeted product messaging”.  As a blogger, I use Twitter, Facebook and associated techniques to publicize the crap I write to those most likely to care or laugh (i.e. my friends [...]

Armchair Therapist: I'm not a player I just #crush a lot

Excuse my French, but I’m a grown-ass woman so why do I have a “crush” on a man? And why the hell am I using that word?

I said that I wasn’t going to write another post about Friend Boy, but this one is a special request. The other day, one of my Twitter followers mentioned [...]

You're nobody til somebody hates on you

Congratulate me; I’ve MADE IT!!!!  I am officially a member of the Blogosphere, the Twitterati, the Social Media Movers and Shakers.  And to what, you may ask, can I attribute my rise to fame?  Twilight fans and hateration.

A few months ago, I wrote an innocuous post about how Black folks don’t like the Twilight movies.  In [...]

My Polar Opposite presents: a social media relationships primer

Apparently y’all are a bunch of punk-ass bitches.  Yeah, I said it.  According to a study released this week MoCoSpace and published by TechCrunch, 48% of you idiots have actually broken up with someone via text message.  Shame on you!  And shame on the set of doofises (is that even a word?) that went out with [...]

Social media: making your movies more like Pooky's since 2009

We live in an electronic age, where information may even be irrelevant if it’s not part of the social network:  to wit, blogs.  Why read a newspaper or a magazine when you can surf the internet for the latest pop culture ramblings from someone you don’t know from a can of paint?*  Today, a new collaboration [...]