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Uninvited: How social media ruined my birthday

Put me out…I'm SOOO done!


The marketer in me loves social media tools and their ability to find segments of consumers ripe for the picking, er, for “targeted product messaging”.  As a blogger, I use Twitter, Facebook and associated techniques to publicize the crap I write to those most likely to care or laugh (i.e. my friends [...]

Nothing says I love you like legal services

. . .some guy whipping out his corporate seal doesn’t get me hot or give me the warm fuzzies, no matter how much of a geek I am. [...]

Boycotting Valentine's Day

Somebody put a fork in me because I’m done:  I am officially calling for an embargo on Valentine’s Day and all its associated shenanigans (except for the chocolate that goes on sale the day after, since I haven’t completely lost my mind).  This year, I’m not

sending any cards, or wishing anyone a Happy-Happy, or acknowledging the [...]

Bah, humbug!

I feel a little homeless during the holidays, fighting competing urges to be super-festive and to seclude myself at an ashram in India until the Rockefeller Center tree has been taken down. You’ll note that there’s no happy medium between these options. Such is my life. [...]