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Dating While Bipolar: What I’ve Learned While Waiting for Love

So, it has been a long time since I’ve treated my readers to a glimpse inside my head.  I’ve been busy, y’all, but my busy-ness has been put to good use.

First, I’m the new Relationships and Mental Illness blogger on HealthyPlace.  Check it out every Thursday for brief pearls of wisdom from yours truly, plus a few videos if you want to see what I look like.  Having to post every week for them (and getting paid for it, thank you very much) has taken up a bit of my writing time and writing brain, but it’s for the grand cause of helping increase awareness and decrease stigma around mental illness.  I’m incredibly honored that they asked me to participate, so go on over there and have a look around. Continue reading Dating While Bipolar: What I’ve Learned While Waiting for Love

The Friend Boy Chronicles: Wallowing in freakish misery

I’m feeling some kind of way.

All up in my feelings.

One of the characters from Golden Girls called it “magenta”.

What is this feeling?  The short answer is jealousy.  The long answer is like a Facebook relationship status:  its complicated. Continue reading The Friend Boy Chronicles: Wallowing in freakish misery

Dating While Bipolar: Internet dating is for lunatics

That’s it, folks, I’m quitting the Internet. Not for social media or interracial porn, but for dating.

Yes, I’ve said before that dating websites have given me all manner of losers along the spectra of social competency and appropriateness. However, on of my subscriptions auto-renewed before I could cancel it, so I decided to use the extra months to edit my profile and take some social chances. Hell, I’d paid for it, right?

Wrong. If someone ever uses the phrase “social chances” within earshot, scream and run. If you even think it at some desperate point in your existence, stick a sharp pencil into your ear in an attempt to scrub your brain of ill-fated ideas. Trust me, I know. Continue reading Dating While Bipolar: Internet dating is for lunatics

The Single Supplement, or What I Learned on Spring Break

When I first decided to take a vacation, being single annoyed me.  My reasoning was, if I had a husband or boyfriend, I’d have a built-in travel companion to share the experience and the expenses.  If I was part of a couple, I rationalized, my $1500 vacation budget might stretch to $3000 with better destinations, fancier [...]

Dating While Bipolar: I AM READY

OK, so my dreams of love don't usually involve a Corona, but still…

The other night, I had a bizarre dream.  I should elucidate:  I had a series of dreams stringing together bizarre circumstances with seemingly real interactions and people that I know.  My dreams are usually similar, featuring my coworkers, friends and family at places [...]